Therefore this course will be targeted at Thais who are in the lower and upper intermediate level who have some basic English knowledge already. Students will have the chance to learn English grammar, vocabulary, sentences and phrases, as well as topics that they need to know in order to improve their speaking and listening. The maintextbook that will be used is the Chris English Book which was written by Ajarn Chris.

The textbook also includes a listening CD that students can use to learn at the school as well as practice by themselves at home. Ajarn Chris believes that if the students can master all the grammar, vocabulary, sentences and phrases, as well as topics in the book (which means that they will have to go through all the eight chapters again and again throughout their lives!), the students will have a strong base in English that will enable them to improve their listening, speaking, writing,reading, and also their English test scores like the TOEIC & TOEFL. This course will be around three month (11 weeks) 44 hours course. Students have to come to the school only once a week for three hours. Every week, students will spend one and a half hours with Ajarn Chris (live!) in a big room of about 24-32 students, and another one and a half hours with other Ajarns in a small room of about 6-8 students.

In the big room with Ajarn Chris, students will learn various techniques in improving their English speaking and listening, how to practice English at home by themselves (Self-Learning), and the important English knowledge they need to know in order to improve their speaking and listening fromthe Wright English Book. In the small room of 6-8 students,everybody will get the chance to meet different Ajarns at the school and they will have the chance to practice speaking and listening from various activities. This means that everybody has to listen and speak English when they cometo Chris English School!!!

Ajarn Chris believes that students will truly improve if they learn and practice at home. But they will truly improve if they can teach other people the things that they learn and practice at home. Ajarn Chris believes that “Learn to teach, teach to learn!” is our team at Chris English School

and improving your English. If you can learn something to the level that you can teach others, that means you have learned to the highest level, and teaching other people what you have learned is a very good way of learning and improving yourself. Another philosophy that Chris English School truly believes in is “Outside-in learning.” or “Interdependence Learning.” This means that students can’t only depend on the school, the teachers, the books, or their friends.

They will have to be able to learn and practice at home by themselves every week, and they have to come and teach their friends what they have learned each week because this is also a good way of learning and improving their English. Therefore,each week students will receive weekly missions (similar to Academy Fantasia) that they have to do at home and they have to come back to the school the next week and teach their friends!

Students also have the chance to speak English with their classmates, teachers, and Ajarn Chris’s international friends in the English Cafe and at special events that the Chris English School organizes. Students can also practice their English from various media at the Resource Center.

As you can see, Ajarn Chris, Ajarn Bruce, and the Chris English School team have come up with ways for you to improve your English speaking and listening. The rest is all up to you. People who can speak a lot will be the people who will study and practice a lot.



Main Subjects

  • Question Master – ประโยคคำถามและคำตอบที่ต้องรู้และถามให้ถูกต้องโดยที่ไม่ต้องรู้ Grammar
  • Sentence Maker – รูปประโยคสำเร็จรูปที่ต้องรู้โดยไม่เน้น Grammar
  • Pronunciation Pro – ศัพท์ที่คนไทยออกเสียงผิดเป็นร้อยๆ คำ รวมถึงเสียงต่างๆ ที่ต้องรู้
  • The Translator - ศัพท์และวลีที่คนไทยแปลผิดหรือคิดว่าตัวเองรู้แล้วเป็นร้อยๆ คำ
  • Topic Champions - กลุ่มคำเป็นหัวข้อๆ ที่คนไทยควรรู้เพื่อพูดภาษาอังกฤษดีขึ้น
  • Idiot’s Idioms - สำนวนง่ายๆ สำหรับคนง่ายๆ
  • Media English – เทคนิคเรียนภาษาผ่านสื่อเช่นหนังเพลงรายการทีวีและหนังสือพิมพ์เป็นต้น ภาษาอังกฤษอีกมากมายจากหนังสือ Textbook ที่ อ.ครัสเขียนเองและ Sheets อีกเพียบ



  • This is an Eng 24 Class (24 Hours + 3 Hours) and another complementary class with Ajarn Chris. 9 times in total. Once a week.
  • Classes taught LIVE by Ajarn Chris and our Bilingual teachers including Ajarn Bruce Wright, Ajarn Chris’ father.
  • 9 people per class.
  • 7,500 Baht




Saturday or Sunday (9 times, 3 hours each class)

10 AM – 1 PM 
2 PM – 5 PM
5 PM – 8 PM

Each class has a 10-minute break
*The schedule may be subject to change. All applicants please contact us for more information.



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